Episode 9 – Adults on Razor Scooters

Caleb is not in Europe, and Brad discusses that with him. Also, whether 90s comedy movies hold up anymore.




4 thoughts on “Episode 9 – Adults on Razor Scooters

  1. So, did the no-tissue toilets in Greece come with a spray gun or bidet? In India you couldn’t flush toilet paper either. I was scared and confused but eventually and found that you were supposed to wash yourself completely with water first and then use toilet paper (if you were smart enough to bring your own) to dry yourself off (and then throw it away in the trashbin). A very wet learning process ensued, but it completely changed my standards of toiletry. If I had a home, I’d install a spray gun or bidet on every toilet in the house. -Kelly

    • No, it was more like the Euro toilet low-water style. Where you don’t poop right into the water, you kind of poop on this slanted shelf and then it gets washed down with jets. I would totally get a bidet in my house. My wife wants a house with a turret, I want a bidet. – Caleb

  2. Also, a fun fact that I just learned and should share: The blue lights that are frequently found in those public toilet cement dungeons are blue because they make it hard for people to see their veins and thus discourage heroin addicts… If the mean lady charging you 50p to use a smelly dark toilet wasn’t discouraging enough.

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