Episode 3 – Taf

Episode 3 – Taf

Brad and Caleb go long, talk about high school peer pressure, knitting, and review the Dictator.




2 thoughts on “Episode 3 – Taf

  1. I love listening to you guys!

    I didn’t go to my high school reunion either, for the same reason as Caleb (class of 02! yeah, woo!). I was even in town for it, which is a rare miracle. I was sitting at home, thinking I might go, and then thought ‘Nah.’ There are a few people from my class the I might like to see, but if I can’t set that up on Facebook while I’m in Negaunee, then they are probably living somewhere else. I estimated a high probability that there would be >80% of people there that I have no desire whatsoever to see. I guess not that many people showed up, probably all for the same reason. It’s rare in this world to have a small class size as it is, with 100 people who have to grow up with each other, and i find it really funny that given such a small pool of people, most of memorable high school friends were from the class of 2000, 2001, 2003, IHS, and Northern.

    I too enjoy listening to audiobooks and podcasts when doing repetative work. In fact, I have several categories of lecture/audiobook that I scale to the type of work that I am doing. For instance, I am actually doing something mentally challenging at work, I cannot listen to any type of intelligent audio program – no books on ancient yoga history or theories of physics. And absolutely no self help or anything that requires me to be introspectful – because I’ll totally zone out and stop doing my work. Instead I listen to Dan Brown novels or at one job site I actually made it through the audio rendition of one of the Twilight Series books. *shudder*. If I am making mosaics though, I listen to the videos for classes I am enrolled in, or select something really difficult that will seep in as I relax into the act of gluing. Language learning books are almost impossible to find an appropriate place to listen to. I can’t focus on language and driving at the same time, and I can’t recite things out loud in the office or at the gym. I also find it atrocious to be wandering around out in nature with my headphones trying to teach me French or something, so I end up taking them off. My best recent purchase was the Kindle Fire DX, or whatever it is called, because it READS MY BOOKS OUT LOUD TO ME. It has at least one voice that I don’t mind listening to all the time, so I have a much wider selection of books now to listen to. The last weekend at work, I finished three healthcare IT books without a problem, even though the work itself was actually challenging. Also good to note – I tend to move with the rhythm of the speaking speed in any podcast/music/audiobook/e-booktexttospeech. Sometimes this means that I have to turn up the narration x1.5 or x2 in order to maintain the correct speed at work, depending on how fast the steps of my task can be completed. Very interesting phenomena. The best book I ever read was Shantaram, by Gregory David Roberts, or David Gregory Roberts, or something. It was a 40 hour audiobook and one of the best narration performances I’ve ever read. So essentially, for forty hours at work one week I got ABSOLUTELY NOTHING DONE, besides stare off into space and occasionally start crying.

    -K du Soleil

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